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Penelope and the Power of Positivity Picture Book

Penelope and the Power of Positivity Picture Book

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"Penelope and the Power of Positivity" invites young readers on a heartwarming journey with the charming character named Penelope. Filled with dreams and aspirations, Penelope faces discouragement from friends who turn her "cans" into "cannots." However, Penelope's resilience leads her to form new friendships and discover the incredible power of positivity.


This amazing hardcover book combines rhymes and captivating illustrations by Anastasiya Rudyk to convey important themes like the growth mindset, the magic of "yet," and the significance of social-emotional learning. Readers witness Penelope's transformation as she learns to approach challenges with unwavering optimism, turning every "cannot" into a resounding "can-do!"


"Penelope and the Power of Positivity" is an essential read for parents and educators alike, surely an invaluable addition to any child's library. 


And for added interactive fun, explore the "Penelope and the Power of Positivity Coloring Book," where you can infuse your own creativity and color into Penelope's world of positivity.

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