Mama Massage Oil

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Mama Massage Oil

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Life after birth, especially in the first few weeks, may leave mamas feeling achy, tense and in pain. Use this oil for a daily massage at the start of your morning and/or as a night time relaxing ritual, to reduce numbness, increase circulation and blood flow, and to bring healing to your body, belly and mind.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, Rosemary leaf extract, Lavender flower, Lavender extract, Vitamin E oil, Comfrey leaf, Rose petals.

Suggested Use: Massage sparingly into the belly, around C-section scar or any skin area that may feel achy. For best results, apply immediately to skin after showering and massage in a clockwise direction using small, circular kneading strokes. 

*For C-section mamas, begin after 6 weeks when the incision is closed and healed. Massage 2-3 inches above and below your incision to promote circulation and healing.

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