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Champaine Wishes

Flowery Orchards Wax Crumbles

Flowery Orchards Wax Crumbles

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Ambrosial. Floral. Smoky

Transform any room into a relaxed tropical paradise with Flowery Orchards Wax Crumbles! Enjoy the refreshing scent of juicy passion fruit and pimento berries with sweet orchids and plumeria, balanced with the warmth of spicy cocoa and wood. Breathe in the irresistible scent of these tantalizing crumbles and drift away!

Recyclable and lustrous clear jar paired with a gold lid. Contains 1, 3 oz of plush white, highly fragranced wax crumbles.  Wax crumbles pair well with various wax warmers such as tealight warmers, wall warmers, and traditional plug-in warmers. 

To use this product:

Pour your desired amount of wax crumbles into your warmer of choice. Turn on your warmer according to the directions included with the warmer. As the wax crumbles melt the aroma of crumbles will disperse throughout your space. Be careful of the warmer, the warmer and the wax inside will be hot. When ready turn off the warmer to allow the wax to cool. When ready to replace the wax in the warmer, take a paper towel and carefully wipe the wax out of the vessel. 

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