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AfterGlow Postpartum Self-Care Recovery Kit

AfterGlow Postpartum Self-Care Recovery Kit

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The AfterGlow Postpartum Self-Care Kit Includes:

  1. Postpartum Nourish Tea
  2. Mommy Brain Tea
  3. Liquid Gold Tea
  4. Nipple Balm 
  5. Mama Massage Oil
  6. Perineal Cooling Water
  7. Sitz Bath
**Free Re-usable Silicone Tea Bag

Included in our kit:

Cozy up with a cup of our Postpartum Nourish Tea for a nightly self-care ritual. 

Help blow the mind fog away, while sipping our Mommy Brain Tea. Add this tea to your morning self-care routine.

Own your royalty and pour up a cup of our Liquid Gold Tea. Whether your milk supply is low or you are just worried about maintaining your milk supply, our herbal blend will help build your milk supply and your confidence, in your breastfeeding journey.

Say hello to your new BBF, breastfeeding best friend. Our Nipple Butter is here to help relieve and soothe your dry, sore, cracked nipples and to provide comfort to you and your baby.

Use our Mama Massage Oil whether you use this oil to massage your belly at the start of your morning or at the end of your day, your body will be thanking you for this extra tender love and care. 

Cool it down, with our Perineal Cooling Water. This touch free, herbal spray is made with healing herbs to calm and soothe any perineal soreness or swelling that may occur before and afterbirth. 

Indulge in some self-care while soaking in our Sitz Bath. This healing herbal bath is the best way to help heal your body and your mind.

The AfterGlow products are handmade in Baltimore, MD and address the mental, emotional and physical aspects of postpartum. We use food-grade glass jars and steel tins with the intention for repurposed use. Each product comes with a full list of ingredients and suggested usage, based on ancestral healing traditions. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition or represent or replace the advice of a medical professional. 

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