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Author Casandra Charles

Thank You, Next!

Thank You, Next!

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Meet RaShawn Michael, who was first introduced in book 6 of the Jamie Reynolds Chronicles, Tinder, Love, and Care. RaShawn is educated with a career to match. One would call him a good guy on the outside, but on the inside, he was in pain from his past. A past that included an absent father and being raised in the projects of Brooklyn by his single mother, which forced him to be the man of the house at a young age.

Now over thirty, single, and after years of failed relationships, which included a divorce from his high school sweetheart, Lilly, who cheated on him; an alpha female ex-girlfriend, Jamie, whom he met on Tinder two years prior; and a string of meaningless flings that didn’t match up to what he truly wanted in a partner, he finally took some time to work on himself, which included some much-needed healing, maturing, self-reflection, and forgiveness.

Fast-forward two years, and during a global pandemic, he rediscovers himself and decides it’s time to give love a chance. But where does he begin, and how does history not repeat itself? He struggles with the temptations of his past as he works to leave his destructive old ways behind him and finds balance, peace, and love.

The term “thank you, next” is a celebratory ode to failed relationships. Every past relationship is either a lesson or a blessing, and RaShawn is no different from this saying. This is his love story.
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