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Palo Santo - Scented Wax Cubes

Palo Santo - Scented Wax Cubes

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Palo Santo wax melts are an excellent way to experience the benefits of this wood without the need for burning it. The Palo Santo tree has been used for centuries in spiritual and medicinal practices. The scent of palo santo is also said to help with creativity and mental clarity, making it a popular choice for artists, writers, and other creative people.


Overall, Palo Santo wax melts are a wonderful addition to any self-care routine. Its sweet, woody aroma is believed to promote relaxation, clarity, and positivity.


Wax melts are used in electric tart or tea light warmers. They are a great alternative to burning candles.


Each package contains 6 wax cubes that pop out easily for you to enjoy.

One package per order

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