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Luggage Cover - Black and Gold Mud Cloth

Luggage Cover - Black and Gold Mud Cloth

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Get your suitcase a NEW OUTFIT.

Here are 5 reasons your luggage needs a luggage cover:
- Look Good: Coordinate your outfit with your carry-on
- Rep the colors of your school, team, or affiliated organization.
- Easily identify your bag in baggage claim & at cruise terminals
- Protect your luggage from stains (water-resistant)
- Wash and sanitize them in ways you cannot sanitize your luggage.

Our Luggage covers will have you walking through the airport humming
  • "'Cause man I got that swaaaaaag
  • Man I got that swaaaaaag...."
  • Neck Pillow match my baaaaaagg....
  • Okay, that's not quite how it goes but you make up your own swag rules
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