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Fruit/Floral Wax Sachet

Fruit/Floral Wax Sachet

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Do you often forget that you have a candle lit somewhere in the house? Does lighting a candle give you anxiety, but you still would love an area in your home to smell amazing.  

Well problem solved! The oh so pretty wax melt sachets are here to stay!  These gorgeous smelling sachets are perfect for hanging in bathrooms, linen closet, bedroom, or kitchen.  

Remember to treat your sachet delicately!! 

Once, your sachet bar has lost it's scent after a month or two, repurpose your bar by breaking into pieces and using them as wax melts. Burn as is or add you favorite essential oil or fragrance and enjoy. 

  • Do not leave in direct sunlight. 
  • Keep away from children & pets 
  • Not for consumption
  • Note, each bar may vary slightly from number of fruit/flower/stems embedded. 
  • Petal/fruit brightness may vary 
  • Note: decorations for wax sachets may change
  • Not for car use
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