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Afrikinky Cocoa

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Our cocoa butter is premium grade A fair trade, 100% pure cold pressed and unrefined.

About the Product: Responsibly hand crafted by our Shea Queens in Ghana, our relationship with the producers, cuts out the middleman and insures you high quality, natural cocoa butter. Multi-purpose agent for skin and hair: Rub in your hand to soften and use to moisturize your entire body from head to toe with a rich, authentic cocoa scent beyond any other.

Afrikinky Cocoa Butter will tighten your skin to reduce signs of aging, correct scars and acne as well as restore skin glow and eliminate stretch marks, eczema, and cellulite. This makes it perfect for daily use.

Afrikinky Cocoa Butter is perfect to use to make body creams and lotions, face and body cleansers, chapstick, massage oils, body butters, hair conditioners. It can be used to heal itchy bites and wounds and help relieve sunburn pain.

Afrikinky Cocoa Butter is awesome to use in recipes, as it is completely edible. Use to bake and cook with for a delicious treat.

Here is a quick recipe: 3/4 cup Afrikinky Cocoa Butter. 1/4 cup Coconut Oil Melt your butters and then cool for about 20 minutes. Once hardened a bit whip the two together, until you get a nice fluffy mixture.