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ABLE Herbal Beard Oil

ABLE Herbal Beard Oil

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Tired of the discomfort of a dry and itchy beard? Or experiencing a sparse or bald spot in your beard? We’ve designed a soothing solution to these common issues, so you can keep rocking that beard in a relaxed style! Our Herbal Scented Beard Oil is super hydrating. With nourishing ingredients like organic rosehip seed, avocado and argan oils, we’ve created a beard oil that helps to balance the skin. Additionally, this beard oil also provides aftershave nourishment and protection for your skin. To top it off, we included the perfect scent combination: rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and chamomile oil, to keep your beard and the skin underneath refreshed. 


Why we love it:


  • No Added Glutens

  • No Added Phthalates

  • No Added Parabens


Why you’ll want it:


  • Lightweight 

  • Subtle scent 

  • Fast-absorbing 

  • Heals razor bumps 


How we made it:


  • Organic rosehip seed oil (soothing)

  • Organic avocado oil (nourishing)

  • Organic argan oil (protection)

  • Essential oil blend: rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and chamomile (calming)


No more itchy beard – and smells amazing too!

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