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SPILL IT Card Game

Wine Night Expansion Pack by SPILL IT Card Game

Wine Night Expansion Pack by SPILL IT Card Game

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“Elevating Game Night from Wine Glasses to Shots”

SPILL IT Wine Night Expansion Pack is a long time fan-requested addition to the original Wine Night Deck. The people asked for more wild cards, more drinking, and spicier questions and that’s exactly what we delivered!

This expansion pack is SPILL IT’s badass “troublemaker” little sibling to the original Wine Night edition’s conversation starters. 

  • A deck filled with a LETHAL mix of action-based cards, spicier content, and more thought-provoking questions
  • Featuring game play that keeps you on your toes - players are likely to do a double take when reading these cards.
  • Take this deck on the go! Play with friends at game nights, strangers at the bar, or take it to a pre-game to get the night started
  • Perfect for people who value hardy laughs, epic memories, and are not afraid of a shot, or two. 
  • Offering two easy ways to play…

1.     Add a Level 4 to Wine Night Edition: this pack is the perfect sauce to offer a break from the more conversation heavy wine night edition. 

2.     Play as a Stand Alone: also a great game night starter for wild night for grownups to act like big kids vibes! 

Don’t take our word for it! Tear open a pack of our cards at your next party and see for yourself how these action-based cards take your game night or pre-game to a whole new level for a night to remember.

  • Highly recommended to be played with shots or your drink of choice
  • Best played with a group of 3-8 people
  • Contains: 30 questions and wild cards, 3 game play instruction cards, 1 to-go expansion pack bag
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