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Designs By Dij

Large Loc'd In Lux Umbrella

Large Loc'd In Lux Umbrella

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"Black women and girls are exquisite beauty in EVERY shade." - Stephanie Lahart

Ain't nothing like stepping outside, carrying items that represent you, and celebrate your melanin.

Introducing our Loc'd In Lux Umbrella 

This design showcases hair love and natural hair acceptance in beautiful ways and celebrates empowerment. Black women are finding their voices and gaining back their power, as they ditch the wigs and weaves and let their natural selves shine through proudly. 

This stylish, one of a kind design featuring beautiful locs wrapped in an updo. Queen, you're beautiful!

• The top coverage measures a perfect size of 46 inches.
• Hefty rubberized handle provides a comfortable sturdy grip.
• Semi-automatic operation, can open it with one hand in one second.
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