Travel Fearless Hair Care Bundle

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Travel Fearless Hair Care Bundle

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Fearless Conditioning Herbal Shampoo 3oz- A botanical based shampoo with gentle mildly formulation without artificial ingredients and chemicals such as parabens and sulfates.

Fearless Restore Herbal Plus Conditioner 3oz- Lightweight conditioner works to strength and moisture from root to ends. 

Fearless Edge Control 4oz helps create  sleek edges, but it helps to nourish your child’s hair and scalp as well.

Fearless Hair Oil 2oz With a unique blend of all my pop natural ingredients. No sulfate, phthalates or Parabens this oil will help you battle your child's dry scalp and help protect their fragile hair.

Adjustable Satin Hair Bonnet- Absolutely soft, breathable and comfortable. Prevent split ends and helps lock in moisture. 

Discover your new essentials, products that help you maintain and manage your kids hair.