Pussc' Batter

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Pussc' Batter

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Aren't you tired of feeling like you can't wear a bikini without your razor bumps showing!! Our "Pussc' Batter" is a clay mask used for vagacials at home!! Simply ADD WATER and give your vaginal area what it's been waiting for! Yes, we finally got the recipe for razor bumps, dark areas and irritation after a fresh wax/shave & ingrown hair bumps! {Ps. Can also be used on inner thighs + armpits} 

 How to use: Pour small amount into a bowl, add water and mix until no clumps. Apply on your vaginal area & that's all! Let it sit for at least 5-10 minutes then wipe/rinse off once dry. Do this 1-2x a week for 2 months or until desired results are achieved! Do NOT use inside vagina or inner lips. Use exfoliating "Turmeric Scrub" to resist staining and for BEST RESULTS!

Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Turmeric Root, Lemon Peel, Apple Cider Vinegar.