Prettea Woman (tea)

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Prettea Woman (tea)

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Caffeine Free (1 oz.)- A deliciously sweet, spiced apple red tea blend handcrafted with ingredients glowing hair and skin.  Rich with minerals, nutrients & antioxidants.  Enjoy My Pretty!

Ingredients- rooibos, cinnamon, rose hip, eleuthera root (Siberian ginseng), licorice root, stevia leaf, natural flavoring extract

Directions: Hot brewing:

Add 1 tsp  tea per​ ​8 oz near boiling water 

Using a tea infuser or reusable bag 

Steep for ​2-5​ minutes.

Don't steep too long, or tea can become bitter  

Cold brewing: 1. Add 1 tsp tea per 8 oz cold water in jar or pitcher.
2. Refrigerate 6-12 hours.
3. Strain and serve.
4. ​Cold-brew a small batch to taste test, not all blends are tasty cold-brewed