Matcha Green Tea
Matcha Green Tea
Matcha Green Tea


Matcha Green Tea

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·     Did you know that Matcha green tea contains antioxidants five times more powerful than acai berries, six times more powerful than dark chocolate, 12 times more powerful than green tea and 14 times more powerful than blueberries?  Catechin, the organic compound that the tea is compound of, is responsible for its Superfood Status.

Below are all the natural benefits found in Matcha Tea at a glance:

·      Boost Your Skin’s Glow

 Boost metabolism 

Increase Energy

·      Burn Fat

Enhances immune system

Increase mental clarity

Boosts cognitive function and memory

·      Detoxifies the Body

·      More Energy than you would from other teas

·      You won’t feel as Jittery as you might from a cup of coffee

·      Makes you significantly more productive

·      Matcha could help ward off Cancer

·      Promotes healthier Cholesterol levels

·      Strengthen your bones

·      More filling than a cup of Coffee or brewed teas

Serving size per pouch is 28-days. 
Infuse one teaspoonful of tea with 1 cup of boiling water. Let it stand for 5 minutes.

The pouch - 90 gm (2.3 ozs)


Matcha Green Tea