It's Already Mine: Scripting Journal

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It's Already Mine: Scripting Journal

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Manifestation has become a buzzword. Everyone is into manifesting, but not quite sure how to do it.

The It's Already Mine Journal is a scripting journal created with the intention for women to manifest their wants, needs, and desires through journaling. Using this journal allows you to practice some Law of Attraction principles such as Ask for What You Want and Act As If You Already Received It.

What is scripting? Scripting is a form of journaling used to write out the things you want to manifest into your life as if it has already happened. Hence the name of the journal. There are several Youtube videos on how to get started with scripting.

This journal is a blank, lined journal with the word "Thank You" at the end of each page so you can also practice gratitude while manifesting the Life of your Dreams!