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Healing Stone Bracelets

Healing Stone Bracelets

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Hematite (Silver) If you have high blood pressure, clots, heavy periods, or any kind of health issue connected with blood flow, this is a stone you need in your life. Hematite keeps your tissue in tip-top shape, it makes sure you can properly absorb all your nutrients, and it detoxifies the body (along with the mind and soul).

(Orange) Carnelian “Artist Stone” - Stimulates muscles and oxygen flow, promotes confidence, and can be used to help stimulate sexual energy and boost fertility.

(Pink) Rhodonite “Stone of Love” - Attracts Love and Balance and suppresses anxiety. This stone can be used for comfort in times of distress, to remind yourself that you are a strong being even in a moment of weakness.

Apatite (Blue) “Manifestation Stone” - This stone helps with communication and healing of the heart. Often used in manifestation, this stone leads you to a better understanding of Spiritual guidance, rids negativity and brings clarity and peace.

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