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Dreamy Massage Candle

Dreamy Massage Candle

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DREAMY MASSAGE CANDLES:  This candle serves as an intimate escape for couples to enjoy a romantic and sensual experience or for individuals to enjoy a quality spa massage experience.  This fragrant massage candle will set a relaxing mood as it lightly scents the room.  Once the oils have melted, then use the oils to enjoy a relaxing massage.  These delightful massage candles (otherwise known as solid massage oil) serve this dual purpose.  We can all agree that a massage is a wonderful way to relax your body; couple that experience with a fragrant candle--when lit--provide a scintillating aroma to any room, allowing anyone to renew the mind, and revive the spirit. 

Limited Edition:  Red top massage candle for your Valentine

Directions:  Carefully light the wick of the candle with a match or a lighter.  Allow the massage oil-wax mixture to melt into a pool of oil for however much you plan to use at that time.  Blow out the flame of the candle for safety, then carefully pour the melted oil onto hands and massage into the body to enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy massage.   The heated massage oil-wax mixture will create a warm massage.  Trim the wick prior to re-lighting the candle to avoid a black deposit into the massage oil. Do not burn candles for more than one hour at a time.  You do not want to allow the entire massage oil to liquefy.  Once the oil has cooled, it will solidify and be ready for your next massage.

Ingredients:  Each is made with a blend of natural soy wax, a proprietary butter and oil blend containing pure African shea butter, mango butter, organic raw coconut oil, monoi butter, avocado oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and essential/fragrance oils.  

Size:  4 oz. (113 g)

This massage candle is a solid massage oil that is safe for use on the skin because natural ingredients are used.  Natural soy wax burns at a temperature of approximately 121 degrees, comparable to the average hot shower temperature.  However, you should always test the temperature on your hands before applying directly to any body part as everyone's tolerance for heat and cold substances differ.  Candles should only be burned for up to one hour at a time.  Burn on heat-resistant surfaces.  

CAUTION:  Always use caution when lighting a candle.  Do not keep candles lit that is unattended.  Keep out of reach of children and pets.  Keep away from items that may catch fire and clear of drafty areas. Those with sensitive skin or allergies should be sure to do a patch test on the inside of your forearm, (where the skin is most delicate and similar to your skin on the face), to make sure the skin does not have an adverse reaction to the ingredients used in the formation of this product.

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