Affirm Heal Manifest: Gratitude and Manifestation Journal for Women

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Affirm Heal Manifest: Gratitude and Manifestation Journal for Women

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The Affirm Heal Manifest Journal is for you if you are looking to feel more at peace in your life, boost your confidence and self-worth, and create healthier habits in alignment with who you want to be.

Some of the KEY FEATURES in the Affirm Heal Manifest Journal includes:

  • 30 Day Challenge Tracker: There are (3) 30 Day challenge trackers in the Affirm Heal Manifest Journal. It is designed to help keep you accountable and consistent on your journey to manifest the life of your dreams. The 30 Day Challenge Tracker is there for you to challenge yourself monthly on creating new habits, breaking old habits, and trying something new.

  • Gratitude: Gratitude is essential to your growth. It allows you to accept your current situation for what it is so you then can move on and focus on all the positive things that are currently in your life and all the positive things you want to manifest into your life. In this journal, you will practice daily gratitude to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life, by becoming at peace with where you are now.

  • Affirmations: Self-love is the best love, as they say. Affirmations are integral to boosting your confidence and preventing you from self-sabotaging your life success. You have to speak life into yourself daily and in this journal, we do that by writing daily affirmations.

  • Manifesting: If you don’t write down what you want or need out of life, chances are you won’t get it. You have to be strategic and intentional about living the life of your dreams. Manifesting, or asking and aligning yourself to receive the things you desire, allows you to bring what you thought was only a dream into reality.

Overall this journal is geared towards HEALING + Aligning you with your higher self, and shifting your mindset to one of abundance, gratitude, and prosperity.

Happy growing!